Thursday, 31 July 2008

BBC1 Northern Exposure - LLB & his wife Jackie!

Hello All,

We had a couple of b-list celebs down at the airstrip at the start of June to do a TV show.Lawrence Llewellyn-bowen(does the BBC holiday and Changing rooms programmes) and his wife Jackie travelled across Northern Ireland visiting all six counties, trying out restaurants, hotels and activities in each of them.

For the Armagh programme they visited the airfield and LLB went for a quick flight. Things didnt quite go according to plan, but not too sure how much the BBC will dramaticise the fact! They got some decent air-air footage with bullet cams mounted on the wing and front strut, and we managed to get a great spell of weather for it.

The Armagh edition is showing on BBC Northern Ireland at 9pm Friday 1st August, with a repeat on Sunday. The BBC IPlayer will have the show online for a week after the showing. Hopefully it will be listed as one of their favourites and will be listed on the Northern Exposure website from Friday night. Hopefully they will have got my good side ;-)

Cheers, Victor

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Wednesday, 16 July 2008


Most of you will know of Anti-Virus software, in fact if you are sitting at a PC chances are that your machine has some installed.

John McAfee was one of the first pioneers of AV software, with his company McAfee being one of the market leaders in the AV industry. He sold his stake in the company years ago and went off to do other things.

With $100 million in his back pocket he has decided to buy a bit of land in americas southwest and form a band of aviators known as the Sky Gypsies.

The National Geographic Article in the June/July Edition details what you can do with a spare $100m in your back pocket ;-)

Probably the best quote that John made in the article that defines what is different between Microlight and 3-Axis aircraft is:

"I learned to fly in a Cessna back in the mid-seventies and it didn't turn me on," says McAfee. "It was like flying a tin can. But when I flew a trike, I thought, OK, this is what flying is supposed to be about. I could feel the air, I could smell the vegetation. It's as close as you can come to being a bird."

And of course...their recent PR exercise seems to have sprouted a video...

By the way...for those of you that didnt immediately notice, John is in his sixties and has a girlfriend in her twenties. I dont think he will be reaching for his pipe and slippers just yet!

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