Sunday, 24 August 2008

Solo Success for Mark McLaughlin

We've had a bit of unexpected success during the week at the Airfield. Thursday night turned into a fantastic evening, flat calm in the circuit with no breeze.

Mark was out with instructor William Byrne at the time and took full advantage of the conditions by polishing off a bunch of 'greaser' landings. William was getting pretty bored with absolutely nothing to do, so decided to get out and send Mark out on his own for the first time.

And off he went...and came back in one piece! So congratulations from all at the club, especially for sticking at it and getting to solo in just 17 hours. And in such a short time too, considering the awful weather this summer.

Some more solo work and cross country flights to complete now in the school's Airborne XT before Mark does his flying test. Hopefully in a few weeks time we will be reporting on Mark's successful flying test!

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