Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Gyrocopter Flight

Norman Surplus is off on a round the world flight in a Gyrocopter!
No-one has tried this is a Gyro before, so well worth keeping tracks on him.

His website has some details, a blog and a GPS tracking device that gives you his position

Gyrox Goes Global from Gyrox Goes Global on Vimeo.

What a great adventure, Good Luck Norman!

Regards, Victor

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Monday, 8 March 2010

Goodbye winter, hello spring....

Hello All,

Been a long winter in these parts,usually the only difference between Summer and Winter in Ireland is that the rain is warmer in the Summer. This year was quite different with a long hard frost, even Lough Neagh froze over!

Visitors may notice a few small changes at the airstrip, we have removed the fence along the runway 16/34. This makes the runway much more open and less intimidating to low-houred pilots. The grass on both sides of the gravel is safe to land on, but still needs to be reasonably dry. If in doubt, land on the well-drained gravel....

Standing out in the wind and rain day in, day out wouldn't do any of us any good. And alas, our trusty windsock was a bit ragged a few weeks back. Some stitching and orange dye sorted that out and we are good for another year - hopefully.

The marker barrels (aka obstacles) have been removed, and the fence that was about 10 metres before the threshold of 34 has been removed. This lengthens the strip considerably as you can touch down right at the start of the gravel.

Old faces are starting to re-appear, and some new students too - so we will keep updating on progress (good and bad!) throughout the Spring and Summer. Grumpy old flying instructors (like me) usually fly round in circles all year with students. This year will be a bit different and I'll blog about me (along with students) re-discovering all the airstrips (and beaches!) that I used to land at.

Light winds and blue skies this week, lets hope it continues ;-)

Regards, Victor


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Sunday, 7 March 2010

Allinghi Racing

Here's a fresh idea in the world of Yacht Racing. The Americas cup is a huge event and has been underway in Spain. The Allinghi race team have bought 2 spotter planes (Airborne Trikes with weather stations fitted on the nose of the aircraft)

more details from the Allinghi site here

Think the idea was that they flew ahead & sent weather reports back automatically with custom software (bit like the F1 cars) Unfortunately it didn't give them the advantage that they thought it would, the BMW team won!

Regards, Victor

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