Saturday, 18 July 2009

Mike Blyth - Round the world flight

Mike is quite a famous Microlight pilot, and has done various trips mostly in a flexwing trike. He also runs an aviation business in SA and has been developing a new aircraft with James Pitman.

They left today for a round the world flight, check out their website and keep track of what they are up to. They had quite a send off by the looks of it earlier today, lots of wellwishers and press. There is a google map that tracks their progress, they should be quite a bit towards the west coast of Africa by last light. Some pics below, and lots more on their website

Cheers, Victor


Friday, 17 July 2009

Microlight Pylon Racing

OK, so its not the Red Bull Air Race......but the recent Microlight world air games had some pylon racing. Guys flying up and down the runway inbetween blown up 'gates', bit like slalom racing in the air

the footage is pretty spectacular and makes it look and sound very dramatic. The trikes these guys are using are topless wings, which have made an appearance over the past couple of years.

What 'topless' means is that they use metal supports from the base bar to the wing instead of wires.And...they dont require wires at the top of the wing. All of the manufacturers are either releasing them or just about to.
Means they can go faster.........and its all about speed apparently ;-)

Regards, Victor

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