Monday, 19 October 2009

Autumn Sunshine

Hello All,

Isn't Autumn a fabulous season? Just when the Irish Summer seems to have killed all the flying off for the year, along comes September and October.

So far, some fabulous days have been had with lightish winds and crisp-clear days. The trees are starting to lose their leaves with a whole spectrum of colours being displayed before they give up the ghost and drop them before winter.

We had a recent visitor from Australia who brought (probably) the best day of the year with him. Bill Runciman is a semi-retired Accident & Emergency Professor who travels round the world attending conferences on A&E procedures. In his spare time he flies a Flylight Dragonfly and an Airborne Outback 912 with a Cruze wing in Adelaide. On his travels he hooks up with any trike fliers that he can for the day for a spin.

So off we went, across to Slieve Croob, Newcastle, Tyrella Beach, St John's Point lighthouse, Ards Peninsula and finally to Newtownards Airfield. Smooth air - Stunning views and a day to remember (even for me who has seen it all before)
I took some pics from the back seat, but I dont think they give the day justice at all. It's also great to speak with guys from other parts of the world that share your hobby. Where we have our problems with the weather and cows breaking out onto the runway (occasionally - not often!) Bill says that Kangaroos running on runways is a hazard for them!!

Thanks Bill for a great day - an absolute pleasure.

Cheers, Victor

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Saturday, 3 October 2009

Airborne SST

Airborne have been busy getting a strutted wing flying with their XT base.
Flies hands off at 70knots with great handling apparently, some photos below

The flying wires have been replaced by solid uprights and no kingpost at the top of the wing.

Cheers, Victor