Sunday, 23 November 2008

Ho Ho Ho!

Christmas is a time of Hibernation when it comes to Microlight Flying in Ireland, with good flying days few and far between, we really do have to pick our days carefully around the weather. So its an opportunity to so some aircraft maintenance, ground school with students, and a bit of maintenance on the runway!

We also do a fair bit of promotion regarding our Gift Vouchers around the Christmas period, and you should be seeing some adverts in the local press over the next few weeks. We have restructured our vouchers as 20, 40 and 60 minute lessons. This gives a bit more choice for everyone.

We also are doing a 2-hour Microlight Adventure voucher, where we take a morning or an afternoon and fly to the County Down coast, quick stop for coffee at Ards and then return. There are Free DVDs going out with this voucher for the remainder of 2008....until the stock runs out! And students remember our training rates are very different to the Gift Voucher rates.

That's the shameless marketing plug over, there is some flying stuff going on and we will update the blog very shortly with a bit of proper flying info...

Cheers, Victor

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